blood eagle technician diamond sword technician

The Technician is one of the unlockable medium classes in the game Tribes: Ascend. It can be unlocked for 80 Gold or 3600 XP. This defensive class’ role is to maintain the base assets (Base Turret, Generator and the Radar Sensors). The Technician is equipped with anImproved Repair Tool that will repair at a faster rate than the emergency units on the base walls. Later he can upgrade to the Long Range Repair Tool andRepair Kit, which is a deployable repair unit. This class also has the ability to place turrets that will autonomously fire at enemy players and vehicles. It is important to note that these turrets will only be active when the team’s generator is online.Some of the Technician’s weapons include the TCN4 SMG, Sawed-Off Shotgun, Thumper,and the TC24. His grenades are the TCNG which deals 1000 damage and the TCNG Quickfuse which has a faster detonation time and larger radius. Additional belt items include Motion Sensors, that sap energy as well as providing a visual and audible alert upon destruction or trip, and the Repair Kit which automatically repairs nearby objects.
The Technician is a multi-purpose base defender. He is equally good at outdoor and indoor combat, to the point that many players feel he intrudes on theSoldier’s territory. Technicians are often thought of asGenerator defenders, but they also defend the flag stand well with their turrets and SMG. Defending the flag also keeps the Technician closer to the outdoor base assets such as Base Turrets and Sensors, allowing him to repair them more easily.

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