blood eagle soldier diamond sword soldier

The Soldier is the free medium starting class in the game Tribes: Ascend. The Soldier is the most well-rounded class, providing players with the Tribes series signature weapon: the powerful Spinfusor. This weapon has limited ammo initially, but can be upgraded to have a larger supply. The Soldier’s armor also upgrades his maximum health and decreases to the amount of time until heregenerates his health. His backup weapon, the Eagle Pistol, is a last resort weapon that can kill off stragglers. The Soldier can be at home supporting flag captures, defending the base, or destroying the opponents base with their Grenade XL. The class is good for attacking and defending bases as the Energy Pack allows the Soldier to outmaneuver comparable medium armor classes, while the Utility Pack provides him with health, ammo, energy, and movement speed. Although a common class, the Soldier is most certainly well equipped and very dangerous, capable of making a strong stance in any area of the battlefield. The Soldier can also make use of his alternate weapons; engaging enemies at longer range with theirAssault Rifle, or skirmishing a bit closer with theThumper DX. To clear out a room, use Anti-Personnel grenades. For faster light units, switch to Proximity Grenades. These alternate weapons are well suited to all fields of combat and tactics, but really shine in removing multiple infantry from a tight space with hit and run maneuvers.
With the new Marksman update, the Soldier can now use the Spare Spinfusor as a secondary weapon. Pairing this with either the Assault Rifle or Gast’s Rifleas a primary weapon can make the player very deadly at medium and short range (with the Spare Spinfusor), where as one cannot shoot very far distances with the Thumper / Thumper DX. It also enables the player to be able to dish out significant damage at a further distance and at midair targets with one of the automatic rifles. This combination is a very good loadout for outdoor combat, as it allows you to deal out large amounts of damage in almost every situation.
All in all the Soldier’s vast array of explosive weapons and the ability to handle himself in any area of combat makes him a mainstay on the battlefield and the most accessible class to veteran players and newer players alike.

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