blood eagle raiderdiamond sword raiderThe Raider is one of the unlockable medium classes in Tribes: Ascend. It can be unlocked for 140 Gold18000 XP. The Raider is an all around useful class, but is best suited for both direct confrontation or running interference against enemy assets. Initially the Raider is equipped with the Arx Buster as a primary weapon, which fires bursts of 3 explosive sticky rounds per clip that are highly effective against stationary and slow targets and are incredibly well suited for Generatorand Base Turret destruction (as well as the destruction of Technician deployables). They explode shortly after being stuck and allow the Raider sufficient time to escape their radius or detection by their intended target. The Grenade Launcher can be purchased as a primary and allows this class to reflect explosives around corners and to take out generators efficiently; rounds will explode on impact when hitting a hostile target or asset, otherwise they will bounce off surfaces for a short period of time before exploding.
Outdoors, the NJ4 SMG can be used to dispatch foes over medium range. The SMG’s shots need to be slightly much like the Soldier’s Assault Rifle to allow for the projectiles to intercept their target. Adding additional power this class’ already exquisite weapon set are the defensive pack items: the Shield Pack and the Jammer Pack. The Shield pack allows the Raiderto absorb incoming damage as deduction from his energy pool while draining energy over time when not absorbing damage. This allows the Raider to essentially count his energy pool as an addition to his health, and restore that portion of additional HP without having to duck out of battle to regenerate. The Jammer Packallows the Raider to hide himself from enemy turrets and radar, and mask himself slightly from vision.

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