blood eagle pathfinder diamond sword pathfinder

The Pathfinder is a free light starting class in the game Tribes: Ascend. This class has amazing speed and mobility which makes them excellent flag Cappers/Chasers. ThePathfinder excels in hit-and-run tactics and is able to deal high damage at close range with the Shotgun. With the Impact Nitron that deals damage and knocks the flag away from the enemy, they are effective chasers, and also fill the role of Light Defense. The Pathfinder’s Energy Recharge Pack passively increases the energy regeneration rate. They are built for pure speed and can outrun any other class, but have somewhat poor one-on-one combat capabilities compared to more heavily armored opponents. The most effective tactic for Pathfinders is to knock targets back and deal great amounts of damage using splash feedback from their primary weapons. Pathfinders also have a large amount of jetpack charge and are able to stay airborne for a long time. Their Energy Recharge Pack also helps greatly using the jetpack, and with practice the Thrust Pack can be used to quickly gain speed or change directions mid-flight.

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