blood eagle juggernaut diamond sword juggernaut


The Juggernaut is the free heavy starting class in the game Tribes: Ascend. The heavy Juggernaut class has a lot of health and the ability to rain considerable amounts of damage down on his enemies. His loadout is ideal for Heavy Offense tactics like bombarding the enemy’s flag stand with the Fusion Mortar or MIRV as well as warding away the pestering defense with the X1 LMG. The Juggernaut’s signature weapon, the Fusion Mortar, fires slow arcing projectiles that are affected by gravity. This weapon’s arming time is also valuable indoors where spamming around corners will allow the Juggernaut to deal damage but be out of the reach of his foes. The MIRV Launcher is another primary option which allows the Juggernaut to spread his artillery damage over a larger area.
This class’ secondary weapons are the Spinfusor MKD, which fires disks less powerful than theSoldier’s but can be used to propel the Juggernaut around the map very quickly, and the X1 LMG, a powerful automatic weapon that is deadly in the right hands. Recently the Spinfusor MK-X and Heavy Twinfusor were also added to this class’ secondary weapons list.
The Juggernaut gets a Health Regen Pack which increases his rate of Health Regeneration. This is ideal for an offensive class as it allows the Juggernaut to stay near the enemy base longer and keep disrupting their defenses. His powerful Heavy AP Grenade is likewise fantastic for offense, however it is often overshadowed by the Spinfusor Disc. The Discs are an upgrade option for the Juggernaut and are “thrown” just like a regular Spinfusor disc is fired. When paired with the X1 LMG, the Discs offer a level of versitility in combat that is difficult to match, being able to thrown them almost instantly after firing an automatic burst.


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