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The Brute is one of the unlockable heavy classes in the game Tribes: Ascend. It can be unlocked for 140Gold or 18000 XP. The Brute is a heavy class, capable of both defense and Heavy Offense. Equipped with a Heavy Spinfusor,Gladiator, or Devastator Spinfusor, he can deal massive damage to his enemies at medium range. If an opponent does get too close, a shot from theAutomatic Shotgun or The Hammer can quickly eliminate them. The Plasma Cannon is also a viable option if used in the right hands. The Brute has to be creative when standing on the flag (HoF), since he will have mid-air shots, body blocks and his grenades to deter incoming foes. The Nova Colt is a powerful replacement for the shotguns; better suited for longer range damage and ideal for finishing off opponents.
Some of this class’ favorite weapons are the powerful (and widely popular) Fractal Grenades and Extended Fractals. The Fractal Grenade deals damage to an area over time and can be deadly indoors. TheExtended Fractal Grenade, though dealing slightly less damage, has effects that last longer and are better suited for area denial. Brutes have another belt option as well; the Light Sticky Grenade allows the Brute to deal a large amount of damage to the enemy base. Though these grenades are often overshadowed by the Infiltrator’s Sticky Grenades, they are still able to wreck havoc on enemy generators, turrets, andradar.
A Brute can choose between the Energy Pack, providing him with more maneuverability, the Shield Pack, absorbing more damage and keeping himself alive longer, or the Survival Pack, which gives is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, increasing health by 200, run speed by 25% and increasing energy regeneration by 15%.

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blood eagle doombringerdiamond sword doombringer

The Doombringer is one of the unlockable heavy classes in the game Tribes: Ascend. It can be unlocked for 140 Gold or 14000 XP. This heavy class excels at defense as it is heavily armored and capable of dealing a lot of damage per second. The Doombringer’s loadout is designed to make him an effective Heavy-on-Flag (HoF). He carries a Chain Gun as his main weapon to ward away any enemies that come near the base. The Chain Gun is a high-speed projectile based weapon, that requires the Doombringer to lead the target to maximize damage. The optional main weapon bought via gold or XP is theHeavy Bolt Launcher. This offers the Doombringer an explosive weapon for engaging at longer ranges and denying the flag via the explosive damage.
The secondary weapon for the Doombringer is an anti-vehicle Saber Launcher which will lock onto vehicles. It will also lock onto enemies but only while they are in the air. The lock on is instantly lost when their feet touch the ground. Through the use of the Saber Launcher’s ability to lock on to vehicles at safe distances, they are ideal for taking out Beowulfs andShrikes. Another secondary weapon, the Titan Launcher, was released in the Accelerate update. The Titan is a dumb-fire missile that will detonate after 1 second in the air, enabling the Doombringer to use it either as a short-range explosive weapon, or for anti-air suppression. The Doombringer also has a deployable Force Field, which will block incoming weapon fire and injure any foes that pass through the field proportional to their current speed. The Doombringer initially carries Frag Grenades, similar to the Soldier’s. They can exchange these for Minesthat will detonate when an enemy passes over them.
The Doombringer’s primary role is defense. They excel at defending either the generator or the flag, but are most effective when they pick one or the other. When necessary, a fully-upgraded Doombringer can assist in defending both the generator and flag on small maps, such as Crossfire; however due to the class’ slow speed, this does not work well with large maps. The Doombringer can deploy force fields in one location and mines in another, then replace them as needed.

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blood eagle juggernaut diamond sword juggernaut


The Juggernaut is the free heavy starting class in the game Tribes: Ascend. The heavy Juggernaut class has a lot of health and the ability to rain considerable amounts of damage down on his enemies. His loadout is ideal for Heavy Offense tactics like bombarding the enemy’s flag stand with the Fusion Mortar or MIRV as well as warding away the pestering defense with the X1 LMG. The Juggernaut’s signature weapon, the Fusion Mortar, fires slow arcing projectiles that are affected by gravity. This weapon’s arming time is also valuable indoors where spamming around corners will allow the Juggernaut to deal damage but be out of the reach of his foes. The MIRV Launcher is another primary option which allows the Juggernaut to spread his artillery damage over a larger area.
This class’ secondary weapons are the Spinfusor MKD, which fires disks less powerful than theSoldier’s but can be used to propel the Juggernaut around the map very quickly, and the X1 LMG, a powerful automatic weapon that is deadly in the right hands. Recently the Spinfusor MK-X and Heavy Twinfusor were also added to this class’ secondary weapons list.
The Juggernaut gets a Health Regen Pack which increases his rate of Health Regeneration. This is ideal for an offensive class as it allows the Juggernaut to stay near the enemy base longer and keep disrupting their defenses. His powerful Heavy AP Grenade is likewise fantastic for offense, however it is often overshadowed by the Spinfusor Disc. The Discs are an upgrade option for the Juggernaut and are “thrown” just like a regular Spinfusor disc is fired. When paired with the X1 LMG, the Discs offer a level of versitility in combat that is difficult to match, being able to thrown them almost instantly after firing an automatic burst.


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blood eagle raiderdiamond sword raiderThe Raider is one of the unlockable medium classes in Tribes: Ascend. It can be unlocked for 140 Gold18000 XP. The Raider is an all around useful class, but is best suited for both direct confrontation or running interference against enemy assets. Initially the Raider is equipped with the Arx Buster as a primary weapon, which fires bursts of 3 explosive sticky rounds per clip that are highly effective against stationary and slow targets and are incredibly well suited for Generatorand Base Turret destruction (as well as the destruction of Technician deployables). They explode shortly after being stuck and allow the Raider sufficient time to escape their radius or detection by their intended target. The Grenade Launcher can be purchased as a primary and allows this class to reflect explosives around corners and to take out generators efficiently; rounds will explode on impact when hitting a hostile target or asset, otherwise they will bounce off surfaces for a short period of time before exploding.
Outdoors, the NJ4 SMG can be used to dispatch foes over medium range. The SMG’s shots need to be slightly much like the Soldier’s Assault Rifle to allow for the projectiles to intercept their target. Adding additional power this class’ already exquisite weapon set are the defensive pack items: the Shield Pack and the Jammer Pack. The Shield pack allows the Raiderto absorb incoming damage as deduction from his energy pool while draining energy over time when not absorbing damage. This allows the Raider to essentially count his energy pool as an addition to his health, and restore that portion of additional HP without having to duck out of battle to regenerate. The Jammer Packallows the Raider to hide himself from enemy turrets and radar, and mask himself slightly from vision.

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blood eagle technician diamond sword technician

The Technician is one of the unlockable medium classes in the game Tribes: Ascend. It can be unlocked for 80 Gold or 3600 XP. This defensive class’ role is to maintain the base assets (Base Turret, Generator and the Radar Sensors). The Technician is equipped with anImproved Repair Tool that will repair at a faster rate than the emergency units on the base walls. Later he can upgrade to the Long Range Repair Tool andRepair Kit, which is a deployable repair unit. This class also has the ability to place turrets that will autonomously fire at enemy players and vehicles. It is important to note that these turrets will only be active when the team’s generator is online.Some of the Technician’s weapons include the TCN4 SMG, Sawed-Off Shotgun, Thumper,and the TC24. His grenades are the TCNG which deals 1000 damage and the TCNG Quickfuse which has a faster detonation time and larger radius. Additional belt items include Motion Sensors, that sap energy as well as providing a visual and audible alert upon destruction or trip, and the Repair Kit which automatically repairs nearby objects.
The Technician is a multi-purpose base defender. He is equally good at outdoor and indoor combat, to the point that many players feel he intrudes on theSoldier’s territory. Technicians are often thought of asGenerator defenders, but they also defend the flag stand well with their turrets and SMG. Defending the flag also keeps the Technician closer to the outdoor base assets such as Base Turrets and Sensors, allowing him to repair them more easily.

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blood eagle soldier diamond sword soldier

The Soldier is the free medium starting class in the game Tribes: Ascend. The Soldier is the most well-rounded class, providing players with the Tribes series signature weapon: the powerful Spinfusor. This weapon has limited ammo initially, but can be upgraded to have a larger supply. The Soldier’s armor also upgrades his maximum health and decreases to the amount of time until heregenerates his health. His backup weapon, the Eagle Pistol, is a last resort weapon that can kill off stragglers. The Soldier can be at home supporting flag captures, defending the base, or destroying the opponents base with their Grenade XL. The class is good for attacking and defending bases as the Energy Pack allows the Soldier to outmaneuver comparable medium armor classes, while the Utility Pack provides him with health, ammo, energy, and movement speed. Although a common class, the Soldier is most certainly well equipped and very dangerous, capable of making a strong stance in any area of the battlefield. The Soldier can also make use of his alternate weapons; engaging enemies at longer range with theirAssault Rifle, or skirmishing a bit closer with theThumper DX. To clear out a room, use Anti-Personnel grenades. For faster light units, switch to Proximity Grenades. These alternate weapons are well suited to all fields of combat and tactics, but really shine in removing multiple infantry from a tight space with hit and run maneuvers.
With the new Marksman update, the Soldier can now use the Spare Spinfusor as a secondary weapon. Pairing this with either the Assault Rifle or Gast’s Rifleas a primary weapon can make the player very deadly at medium and short range (with the Spare Spinfusor), where as one cannot shoot very far distances with the Thumper / Thumper DX. It also enables the player to be able to dish out significant damage at a further distance and at midair targets with one of the automatic rifles. This combination is a very good loadout for outdoor combat, as it allows you to deal out large amounts of damage in almost every situation.
All in all the Soldier’s vast array of explosive weapons and the ability to handle himself in any area of combat makes him a mainstay on the battlefield and the most accessible class to veteran players and newer players alike.

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blood eagle infiltrator diamond sword infiltrator

The Infiltrator is one of the unlockable light classes in the game Tribes: Ascend. It can be unlocked for 100 Gold or 7200 XP. The Infiltrator lives by the motto “sneak in and blow stuff up.” This class is known for their sneaking capabilities and their highly explosive sticky grenades. The Infiltrator is useful for vehicle and base destruction or quietly snuffing out unsuspecting enemy defenders. Armor upgrades can be used to further enhance these capabilities. In the fast moving world of Tribes it may seem rather strange to have a light armor class that isn’t constantly in motion. Most of the time being stationary is a privilege only given to heavy support characters, and even then they will be on the move. In sharp contrast to other roles, the Infiltrator must be patient to get his kills. In one on one combat he is not as dangerous as many other classes, but with the use of his Stealth Pack he can avoid many confrontations, and sneak up on other, easier targets.
The Rhino SMG or the Arctic Rhino SMG both provide some quick, high output damage, while the Stealth Spinfusor allows a single damaging shot that reduced the amount of time unstealthed from firing it, as well as additional mobility with disk-jumping. The Jackal is one of the most versatile weapons in the game; it’s manually detonated stickies lets the Infiltratorambush, trap and easily kill enemy infantry. A good tactic to pick off an enemy juggernaut that is bombarding your base and wrecking your flag defence is to quickly stick a grenade onto his back and quickly shoot him, if all goes well then a few shots from your secondary will finish him off. The signature SN7 Silenced Pistol or it’s slightly more powerful version (Arctic SN7 Silenced Pistol) allows the Infiltrator clean kills with highly damaging shots and no noise, meaning two or three shots on a wounded opponent will kill him without alerting other players. The Throwing Knives are a viable alternative that deal higher damage and possess an Area of Effect (though a tiny one). All of these weapons are perfect for sneaking into the base and removing the few obstacles that might inhibit you.
The methods of base destruction are the Sticky Grenades or Sticky Grenades XL, the Infiltrator’s bread and butter and main gateway to damage. These grenades are not only devastatingly powerful, but stick to enemy units, allowing a skilled Infiltrator to stick an enemy player, melee them, and run away, netting a kill on the ensuing explosion. The Prism Mines are an alternative, designed for those who would rather kill players than base defenses. The mines take some getting used to, but can leave a base looking like a ghost town with a little finesse. It can be very effective if the player teams up with other Infiltrators to sabotage enemy Generator Room, or desire to assist friendly Technicians to defend the Generator .
For those who are more concerned with survival than killing, the Smoke Grenades let them instantly cloak without getting revealed through taking damage, letting the Infiltrator make a quick getaway.

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